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Mario614 started this conversation
Hello my name is Mario myers I am 29 years olds recently married. I was in a car accident June 2014 which left me partially disabled.i was diagnosed with AVN of the femur head and now have to get a hip replacement surgery. My wife Diana an myself arecurrently in a financial crisis and really need assistance with Christmas. I have a 4 year old daughter"Ja'Myah" 5 year old son"Mario jr" will be 6 on 12/02 and a 15 year old step daughter "Myona" who is hearing impaired. My wife works full time to support our family due to my injury and not receiving any disability, therefore we can barely makes ends meet let alone try to provide for 3 kids for Christmas and a birthday. All I'm asking for is a little help a gift a piece perhaps? Anything will glady be appreciated and cherished. Thank you kindly and happy holidays
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